Adopt good habits for good oral hygiene !

Good habits

The mouth plays an important role in your general health, therefore it is very important to have good oral hygiene in an early age by adopting good habits.

Often associated with maintenance of teeth, in reality the oral hygiene into account the whole of the mouth, that is to say both maintenance gums, periodontal disease, the breath, dentures and teeth.

The golden rule:

Brushing teeth after each meal, 3 times a day, provides effective against plaque and the appearance of decay. The most important is that of the night – never miss (nothing to eat or drink except water after brushing the evening).

Do not forget to brush the tongue. There are special tools for this, but the toothbrush is sufficient. In effect the outer surface of the tongue is covered with bacteria that can contribute to bad breath in particular.



It is important to learn good technique to use a toothbrush with soft bristles in an early age. It is also important to change your toothbrush as soon as the head appears crushed. Using an electric toothbrush is also recommended.



The gel or paste dentifrice is an important part of brushing. The range of toothpastes proposed in the pharmacy and grocery store is very large. It may contain various active ingredients (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, fluorine, calcium, etc. …) so that confers different properties corresponding to each particular case..



After brushing your teeth, mouthwash is a key step. Rinse your teeth for about 30 seconds, which will actively contribute to the elimination of the dental plaque and cleans gums, tongue and mucous membranes. Mouthwash contains disinfectants at a low concentration, but sufficient for disinfecting the oral cavity.

Water jet (or irrigator)


The water jet is a device that spurts water at high pressure into the spaces between the teeth. It does not replace the toothbrush but removes food debris and activates the blood circulation by the massaging effect. It is particularly recommended for people with dental implants or with orthodontic system.

Interdental brush and floss


An interdental brush can reach the interstices between each tooth. If the space between the teeth is sufficient, this instrument can be used in addition to the toothbrush. Its use is particularly recommended during the time of orthodontic treatment or in cases of periodontitis. Talk to us in advance before using them.



If you cannot brush your teeth after every meal, chewing sugarless gum can help to reduce the risk of cavities. The flow of saliva causes a decrease in oral acidity and therefore reduces the risk of attack the enamel but it does not replace brushing teeth.

Good to know


To keep a healthy mouth, in addition to clean at least 2 times a day, it is vital to have a balanced diet and avoid as much as possible snacking between meals and sugary soft drinks, which can promote the development of plaque.

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