Like most of our patients who require dental implant, you ask yourself the question: is it painful? Discover all the answers to your questions about implant placement.

The placement of a dental implant is painful?

The answer is NO.

The placement of a dental implant is not painful given the means available to you. Only 15 minutes is needed for placement of an implant. Over this time is reduced, less bone is assaulted and better the postoperative course.

For your comfort, our dentists in SMILE PARTNER will issue after your surgery analgesics and anti-inflammatory. So you’ll have no pain and you can get on with life normally immediately after your surgery. 

The surgery is done under anesthesia it to avoid pain?

To allow you to be relaxed and not apprehend your intervention, the El Cedro clinic offers to carry out your treatment under intravenous sedation.

Carried out in addition to local anesthesia, sedation has the advantage of putting you in a state of semi-consciousness and well-being. So you will have no pain during or after surgery.

What are the postoperative possibilities?

After the introduction of implants and in the days that follow, various reactions may appear:

  • A slight sensitivity: it depends on the surgical method used for dental implants and is due to detachment of the gum, not the placement of the implant itself. This easily yields to the pain analgesics (anti-pain) classics that will be issued.
  • Swelling: This is a swelling of the gums and cheek associated with the inflammatory reaction following any surgery. It is often present in very small
  • Hematoma: It is rare but can occur following a transplant or major surgery. it is due to internal bleeding that persists after surgery. When extended, it may seem impressive, but it is rarely disquieting.

Good to Know
When the implant placement is performed without opening the gum, using the technique called “flapless” after the operation are lacking. In our clinic EL CEDRO, partner PARTNER SMILE, on average 80% of procedures are performed using this method. 

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