For your treatment to succeed for a short and a long term, it is essential to follow our hygiene advices during the healing period and after placement of permanent dental prosthesis.

Dental implant placement : our post-operation advice

1- Medication

You must follow up your (anti-inflammation) medication carefully after your dental implant placement. This medications will be given to you on the spot by the doctor. You must avoid auto-medication.

2- Alcohol

Do not consume any alcohol while you take your anti-inflammation medication and pain killers.

3- Tobacco

Avoid smoking, or reduce to minimum your tobacco consumption.

4- Nutrition

Eat soft food during the first weeks. Do not eat any hard food, do not bite into hard food either, you risk to break your temporary teeth and provoke non-healing of your dental implants.

Give your preference to cooked vegetables, pasta, mashed potatoes, soups, cooked fish, minced meet, “soft” fruit, yoghurts, ice cream…

Avoid sandwiches, apples, meet, crudities, crust of bread, nuts, peanuts, caramel and chewing gums…

5- Chewing

After placing of dental implants, do not bite too hard and limit your chewing because your posterior implants risk to fail healing and this will lead to implant failure.

6- Bruxism

Do not clench or grind your teeth, do not play to click your mobile dental appliance.

7- Dental hygiene

It is imperative to have an irreproachable dental hygiene :

  • teeth brushing : you have to brush your teeth three times a day with a smooth or electric tooth brush, and preferably a pharmacy tooth paste. The movement has to be circular from top to the buttom and never horizontal which risks to provoke loosening of teeth.

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  • mouthwash : choose Heludril mouthwash, and get a treatment each 2 months at the average.
  • descaling and control visits: you have to get a descaling each 3 months during the first year and then a minimum of 2 times per year. It serves to ensure continuity of your dental crowns and bridges.

Do not attempt to remove calculus yourself with a hard instrument that will most probably damage your dental prosthesis.

Placement of a dental implant requires particular attention that is why we count on your investment and your seriousness as for following up of these advices in order to succeed in your treatment.

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