A dental bridge is a porcelain dental prosthesis, also called ”bridge”. In order to provide less expensive dental treatment, Smile Partner has selected for you the best dental clinic in Spain and the best dental clinic in Hungary.

What is a dental bridge ?

dental bridge


A dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis that allows to replace a missing tooth. A bridge is represented by several linked dental crowns, a minimum of 3, placed on the abutment teeth. The abutment teeth of a dental bridge may be your natural roots or dental implants.

What is the price of a dental bridge ?

The price of a dental bridge may vary among the dentists depending on the quality of chosen materials. Thus, we may notice a significant price difference.

Comparative table : Price of a 3 teeth bridge

Dental bridge
 Dental bridge

1 050€/740£

Porcelain bridge


1 350€/951£

Zirconia bridge




Porcelain bridge


1 200€/846£

Zirconia bridge


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What are the solutions offered by this dental prosthesis ?

A dental bridge is a prosthesis that allows to restore your teeth, either by fixing the bridge on the roots of your natural teeth or on the dental implants.

bridge on root

bridge on implant

bridge on root

bridge on implant


Which clinic to choose for the best dental bridge price ?

It is possible nowadays to get a dental treatment in Europe of the same treatment quality as in UK. The price of a dental bridge is significantly lower, you can save up to 60%. Therefore, no matter if you choose Spain or Hungary, we shall guarantee the best value at the lowest price, unbeatable by a English one. To ensure your safety, Smile Partner has chosen 3 centers of excellence :

Do you wish to have your dental bridge placed in Hungary or in Spain ?

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