A bridge on dental implant is a fixed solution that allows to replace one or several absent teeth with dental implants. This solution allows to regain your perfectly fixed teeth.

Bridge on dental implant: treatment plan

dentak bridge on implant

1 – Pre-implant check-up

The first consultation in our Smile Partner clinics with one of our dental surgeons specialized in dental implants is recommended in order to perform a dental check-up and prepare an estimate. A panoramic X-ray and, eventually, a scanner will have to be performed as well.

2 – Placement of dental implants

After teeth extraction, the implants are placed immediately or after a healing period. Dental implants are placed in a sterile operation block and, in general, under local anesthesia. A temporary fixed or mobile prosthesis is proposed for the healing period.

3 – Placement of a bridge on implant

Two visits are required for placement of a bridge, the first one is a 1-day visit, the second one is a 3-day one. After the healing period of 3 to 6 months between these two visits, also called osseointegration, a dental bridge is fixed on the implants.

bridge sur implantbridge sur implantbridge sur implant

Advantages of a bridge on implants

1Lasting solution4Affordable price thanks to Smile Partner
2Fixed and aesthetic solution5Improvement in comfort
3Close to natural result

Price of a bridge (3 teeth) with Smile Partner

  • Price of a bridge on implant in Spain : 1 050€/740£
  • Price of a bridge on implant in Hungary : 720€/507£

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