A porcelain dental bridge is an aesthetic solution that allows to replace absent teeth by fixing the bridge to the adjacent teeth.

Porcelain dental bridge: treatment stages

dental bridge on root

1 – Dental check-up

FIrst consultation in our Smile Partner clinics with one of our dental surgeons is recommended in order to perform dental check-up and prepare an estimate.

2 – Fabrication of a dental bridge

In order to fabricate a dental bridge on root, the dental surgeon must, first of all, trim the adjacent teeth. This abutment teeth will serve as a bridge support. Depending on a dental situation of a patient, the root canals of these teeth will either be kept or extracted. The dentist will then make an imprint that will be processed by our prosthesis specialists in order to fabricate a porcelain bridge. Thanks to our in-built prosthesis laboratory, your bridge will be ready in 3 days only.

3 – Placement of a dental bridge

Once the bridge is ready, it will be definitively sealed to your adjacent teeth with a sealing paste.

porcelain dental bridgeporcelain dental bridgeporcelain dental bridge

Advantages of a porcelain dental bridge

1Aesthetic and fixed solution4Affordable price with Smile Partner
2Fabricated in 3 days only5Lasting solution
3Close to natural result6Improvement in comfort

Price of a 3 teeth porcelain bridge with Smile Partner :

  • Price of a dental bridge (3 teeth) in Spain : 1 050€/740£
  • Price of a dental bridge (3 teeth) in Hungary : 720€/507£

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