Dental implant is the best solution for completely fixed and aesthetic long-term replacement of a missing tooth. Therefore, it is possible nowadays to restore your teeth at a lower cost  thanks to inexpensive dental implants in Hungary and Spain.

What is a dental implant ?

Dental implant FAQs


Dental implant is an artificial root. It is a titanium rod that will be placed into the jawbone and will then serve as a root to fix a porcelain dental crown.



What is the price of a dental implant ?

Dental implant
 Dental implant




Implementation – Free
Prosthetic abutment – 200€/140£
Porcelain crown – 350€/246£





Implementation – Free
Prosthetic abutment – 220€/155£
Porcelain crown – 240€/170£

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What are the benefits of implantology ?

For what concerns Smile Partner clinics, placement of dental implant is an operation which is perfectly mastered by our dentists –  experts in implantology. This operation is also completely safe as it  is performed in a sterile operating block :

  • The success rate is above 98%
  • The operation is quick and painless
  • The price of a dental implant is affordable, from 520€/366£

Thanks to Smile Partner, you can easily benefit  from these advantages by choosing :

  • Placement of a dental implant in Spain
  • Placement of a dental implant in Hungary

Which solutions are offered by dental implants ?

Dental implant is the best solution for completely fixed and aesthetic restoration of 1 or 2 teeth or all of your teeth with the closest resemblance to the natural ones.

Replace a toothReplace several teeth
crown on implantbridge on implant
Crown on implantBridge on implant

How long will an implant last ?

In theory, dental implant may last all life long. However, as well as a natural tooth, its lifetime depends on the patient’s hygiene. An impeccable hygiene as well as a regular dentist’s follow-up is the key to your implant’s durability.

What are the techniques applied by our dentists ?

For what concerns Smile Partner dental clinics in Hungary and Spain, our surgeons-dentists are experts in implantology and are constantly trained to apply new technologies and modern methods of implantology, such as :

  • Immediate loading of dental implant
  • Placement of dental implant without opening of the gum
  • Sinus graft also called Sinus lift

What is the procedure for implant treatment ?

The dental implant placement follows a strict international protocol and is performed in 2 times. 2 stays in our clinics will have to be planned in order to assure a fixed dentition with a completely natural aspect.




The dental surgeon places a dental implant in your jawbone under local anesthesia.

A healing period from 3 to 9 months  has to be followed for a the bone around the dental implant to heal.

As soon as the dental implant is healed, a porcelain prosthesis (crown, bridge) can be placed.

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