There is a solution of fixed restoration on dental implant , also called “dental prosthesis” , which allows to replace the complete dental arch. This aesthetic solution allows your mouth to find its real comfort.

Fixed dental prosthesis :

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Nowadays, the placement of a fixed dental prosthesis on implant is the best solution for restoration of your dentition.

Thanks to this dental prosthesis you will find your fixed teeth, chewing comfort and the pleasure to bite into life.

There are several types of prosthesis that can be fixed on implants :

  1. a screw-retained dental prosthesis on 6 dental implants
  2. a stabilized dental prosthesis on 2 to 4 dental implants

Depending on your bone volume and your personal expectations, your dentist, an expert in implantology, will be able to recommend you a suitable fixed prosthesis on implants.

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