A screw-retained dental prosthesis on implants is as its name suggests screwed into the implants. It is also commonly called “bridge on piles” or “branemark bridge”. This solution allows to restore a completely toothless arch.

A screw-retained dental prosthesis on dental implants: description

screw-retained prosthesis on implants

1 – Pre-implant check-up
The first consultation in our Smile Partner clinics with one of our dental surgeons specialized in dental implants is recommended in order to perform a dental check-up and prepare an estimate. A panoramic X-ray and, eventually, a scanner will have to be performed as well.

2 – Placement of dental implants :
The 6 dental implants are placed in the jawbone under local anesthesia, in a sterile operation block. You will have a temporary mobile dental prosthesis during the implant healing period.

3 – Placement of a screw-retained bridge :
After the healing period of 3 to 6 months, also called osseointegration, a resin bridge of 12 teeth is fixed on frames and screwed on implant abutments.

Advantaged of a screw-retained dental prosthesis

1Lasting solution4Affordable price thanks to Smile Partner
2Fixed and aesthetic solution5No more glue
3Improvement of comfort

Price of a screw-retained prosthesis on implants with Smile Partner

  • Price of a screw-retained prosthesis on implants in Spain : 7 840€/5 526£

This prosthesis allows to regain your fixed teeth and a natural smile at a minimal price.

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