Among the “prosthesis on implant” solutions, there is a stabilized prosthesis on 2 or 4 dental implants. The dental prosthesis is placed on the implants, either by a push button or by a dodler bar. This aesthetic solution allows to regain significant comfort in your mouth.

Stabilized dental prosthesis on implant: description

Stabilized dental prosthesis

Stabilized dental prosthesis

Diagram 1 : Dental prosthesis with push buttons

Diagram 2 : Dental prosthesis with dodler bar

Stabilized prosthesis on implant: treatment stages

1- Pre-implant check-up

The first consultation in our Smile Partner clinics with one of our dental surgeons specialized in dental implants is recommended in order to perform a dental check-up and prepare an estimate. If necessary, a panoramic X-ray and a scanner will have to be performed as well. The number of dental implants is then defined.

 2 – Placement of 2 to 4 dental implants

During the first operation in a sterile operation block and, in general, under local anesthesia, the dental surgeon makes an incision in the gum to place dental implants in the jawbone.

 3 – Placement of a dental prosthesis

After a 3-months healing period, the resin dental prosthesis is connected to the implants by push buttons (diagram 1) or dodler bar (diagram 2), that are fixed on the implants. The dental prosthesis is clipped and unclipped on the dental implants that serve as a support for your prosthesis. Once it is clipped, the prosthesis is stable and you have no risk of loss. In order to clean your dental prosthesis, you just remove it as you do with a removable dental braces.

stabilized prosthesis on implantsstabilized prosthesis on implantsstabilized prosthesis on implants

Advantages of a stabilized prosthesis on implants

1No more glue4No more feeling of artificial teeth
2Regain your fixed teeth5Affordable price with Smile Partner
3Improvement of comfort

Price of a stabilized dental prosthesis on implants with Smile Partner

  • Price of a stabilized prosthesis in Spain : 4 960€/3 496£
  • Price of a stabilized prosthesis in Hungary : from 4 410€/3 108£

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