Our dental cosmetics specialists offer you a possibility to regain your beautiful smile thanks to dental veneer or teeth whitening. A beautiful smile is an undeniable asset in a modern professional and private life.

What is a dental veneer ?

dental veneer

A dental veneer is a thin layer that covers the front of your teeth and allows to rectify the form, color and dimensions of your teeth to significantly improve the appearance of your smile.

It is mostly used for the incisors and cuspids (front teeth). Made of porcelain, the dental veneer is glued to the front of the existing tooth, offering you the smile of your dreams !

What is the price of a dental veneer ?

Dental veneer
 Dental veneer




Our dental clinics will propose you a unit price of a dental veneer starting from 280€/197£. However, an average price of a standard smile embellishment treatment in our dental clinics is between 800€/564£ et 1600€/1128£, and requires a 6 to 8 days dental stay.

What are the benefits of this solution ?

1Aesthetic solution3Natural result
2Preservation of the tooth4Resistant to food stains

If one of your teeth is extremely damaged, or one of your teeth was subject to root canal treatment, it is preferable to choose restoration by a dental crown in porcelain.

Regain your beautiful smile thanks to dental veneers !

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What is a professional teeth whitening ?

ZOOM2, professional teeth whitening system


Thanks to our cutting-edge teeth whitening method your teeth may get up to 8 shades lighter!

Our teeth whitening method allows to remove the stains provoked by high consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, antidepressants, as well as aging and tetracyclines (antibiotics).

What is the price of teeth whitening ?

Teeth whitening
 Teeth whitening




In our dental clinics we will propose you teeth whitening starting from 310€.

What are the benefits of Zoom2 whitening system ?

1A 1h30 session is enough to regain a  radiant smile3Your teeth up to 8 shades lighter
2Immediate, efficient and lasting result4Approved efficiency: 52% better than a home-performed whitening

Teeth whitening : what are the precautions to be taken ?

teeth whitening
  • Before any intervention, your dentist must assure the absence of untreated cavity, non-vital tooth, enamel weakness, gingival irritation.
  • Certain patines may feel teeth sensitivity during or after the whitening treatment. The symptoms will disappear within 1 to 3 days after the treatment.
  • Depending on your life hygiene, the teeth will slowly change color due to natural aging but will always remain whiter than before.
  • You porcelain teeth will maintain their color.

Regain a bright smile thanks to teeth whitening !

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