Each year, more than 7 million patients decide to get their dental treatment abroad. This phenomena is called “dental tourism” or “dental trip”. Their motivation is shorter delays, an equal or even better quality of treatment, attractive prices, up to 60% cheaper.

Dental tourism: a phenomena that catches the eye of English people !

dental tourism

Since 2007 this phenomena attracts each year more and more English people: more than 1 out of 10 English citizens states that he/she plans to get its dental treatment abroad.

The most famous dental tourism destinations are Hungary and Spain. In addition to their worldwide fame in the domain of implantology and cosmetic dentistry, Spain and Hungary are attractive to English patients due to their geographical proximity and their cultural heritage.
It can be profitable to go to Spain, as well as in Hungary in order to place:

Your dental trip : It is not an adventure

Since 2007, SMILE PARTNER agency allows you to get a complete benefit from the advantages of dental tourism, ensuring your complete security.

1 – Security : high quality dental care

Our mission is to guide you at each stage of your dental trip in order to guarantee the success of your dental treatment.

To ensure your security, we have made a selection of the best dental clinics in Spain and Hungary, that have gained their reputation for the high quality dental care.

(As of today, looking back at our 7-years experience and 5000 patients guided through their dental care, we can guarantee the high quality of prodigal dental care in our partner clinics and its equivalence to the French ones, or even better).

2 – Comfort : guidance from A to Z

To ensure your comfort, SMILE PARTNER is by your side to assist you at each stage of your treatment.

  • We facilitate the reception of your estimate.
  • We guide you in your choice of a clinic.
  • We organize your dental trip to Spain of Hungary.
  • Upon your return, we will provide you with a post operation follow-up.

Our mission is to provide you with all the necessary information that will allow you to choose the most suitable dental clinic. We work for your well-being.

3 – Tranquility : a “change of scenery” trip

Your dental trip to Spain or Hungary

dental trip tenerifedental trip barcelonadental trip budapest
 Dental trip to Tenerife  Dental trip to Barcelona Dental trip to Budapest

Thanks to dental tourism in Spain and Hungary, you get the useful and the pleasant at the same time by combining your dental care with the visit of the most beautiful European cities or discovery of the paradisiac beaches of Tenerife!

Do you wish to benefit from dental tourism?

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