All the health professionals will confirm you that tobacco is far from being compatible with the dental implants. Therefore, it is necessary to give up smoking and find an alternative.

dental implant and tabacco

Tobacco is incompatible with dental implants

You have to know that 32% of French people smoke and that some of them still have their dental implants placed. However, tobacco is not compatible with the dental implants. These two things are incompatible simply because tobacco can affect the healing process.

As a matter of fact, blood vessels shrink when we smoke. And the healing is possible only if the blood achieves the wound. The cigarette may, therefore, prevent normal blood circulation in blood vessels and the healing will take more time than expected.

Risk of infection

The vasoconstriction caused by the cigarette may also cause primary infections during the placement of a dental implant. In effect, it may be more difficult or just impossible for the blood to reach the wound. It is therefore possible for a smoker to lose his/her implants instantly upon their placement.

Moreover, tobacco also causes proliferation of multiple bacteria in your mouth. Actually, if there’s only a small amount of blood that arrives there are less white cells in this spot. The defense system fails, creating an open gap for infections.

Electric cigarette : an alternative to tobacco

If smoking is necessary to some individuals, there is a solution for the dental implants not to be affected by tobacco. This solution is electric cigarette. As it only produces smoking vapor, it does not present any vasoconstriction risks.

Moreover, certain producers affirm that their cigarette does not contain any of 4000 harmful substances that the cigarette contains. A  e-cigarette seems therefore less dangerous for consumers wishing to preserve their health and regain their beautiful teeth thanks to dental implants.