Information on dental care

bridge dentaire
Ludovic P, Fessy

  • Kind of care : full ceramic dental bridge (14 units on the upper et lower jaw)
  • Nomber of dental stay : 3
  • End date of treatment : may 2015

The experience of Ludovic at the clinic El Cedro

“When I arrived at the clinic El Cedro, it went very well as I had already been contacted by phone to tell me how would proceed my care and my stays. The clinic is very good and the team very professional !

Without the help of Smile Partner, I won’t be gone abroad to remake my teeth! I would have stayed in France and have done the minimum and still have dental problems.

On my return to France, my surroundings and my family didn’t come back! They found the result pretty !

Today, I am very satisfied with my dental treatment. “