Information on dental care

  • Kind of care : porcelain dental crowns and dental bridge
  • Chosen dental clinic : El Cedro Tenerife
  • Number of dental stay : 2
  • End date of treatment : July 2014

The experience of our patient to the clinic El Cedro Tenerife

“I went for a consultation at El Cedro Clinic when I was on holiday and the dentist I saw, François, said he could do the treatment over that particular week.

I had four long appointments over 4 days and came home with temporary bridges, which I am delighted with. All of the treatment was completely pain free and I felt confident in his ability. His english was perfect and he put me at ease. The Clinic is upmarket with pleasant, friendly staff.

I will be returning in 3 months time for my permanent bridges and crowns.
My teeth were a mess and I am amazed at the quality of the work carried out. I haven’t stopped smiling since !