Discover conditions and duration of the guarantee, provided by our dental clinics in Spain and our dental clinic in Hungary. The guarantee of your dental care is applied to placement of a dental implant, a dental crown and a dental bridge.

Guarantee for dental implants, crowns and bridges

For quality reasons and in order to guarantee the maximum prospects of your dental treatment to succeed, our dental clinic in Budapest and our dental clinics in Barcelona and Tenerife only work with the main producers and brands of dental implants in Europe.

Discover the guarantees provided with the following dental treatments :

Guarantee for dental implantDuration 
Dental implant Nobel Biocare (Sweden)lifetimeNobel_biocare_Logo
Dental implant Alpha Bio (Nobel Biocare Group)6 yearsalpha bio
Dental implant GC Aadva (Germany)6 yearsgc aadva
Dental implant Serf (France)6 yearsGuarantee dental care
Guarantee for dental crown / Dental bridgeDuration 
Dental crown / Dental bridge metal fused to porcelain3 years 
Dental crown / Dental bridge zirconia3 years 

In which cases the guarantee is applied ?

The guarantee of your dental care is applied in the following cases:

  • In case of possible post-operation complication, the clinic shall cover all the expenses on resuming of your treatment and laboratory expenses in order to solve the problem.
  • In case of rejection of dental implant, its removal and loading of a new implant (if possible) are covered by the guarantee of a dental implant.

It should be highlighted that the guarantee does not cover temporary prosthesis or root canal treatments. Moreover, the guarantee of your treatment shall only be valid if the dentist accomplished  the entirety of works and if the patient paid for the entirety of the treatment.

What are the restrictive conditions ?

We hereby inform you that the guarantee of your dental treatment shall only be valid under certain conditions. Therefore, the guarantee for dental implant, dental crown and dental bridge shall not be valid or shall be reduced under the following circumstances:

  • If the patient neglects its daily oral hygiene, cleaning of its permanent dental prosthesis and if he does not care to perform the obligatory quarterly descaling sessions.
  • If the patient does not respect the post operation instructions of the dentist surgeon.
  • If the patient suffers from general diseases that provoke deterioration of his oral state (diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, chemotherapy, important loosing or gaining of weight during a short period of time, radiotherapy, major or sport accident, emotional shock, severe smoking etc.)
  • If the patient does not inform Smile Partner or the clinic on any problem within 72 hours maximum.

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