The dental implant  cost may vary depending on different criteria : geographic zone, brand, type of dental prosthesis, materials used… In our dental clinics in Hungary and Spain, the price of a dental implant is up to 50% cheaper than in the UK.

Dental implant cost

Cost*Dental implant

cost in Spain

Dental implant

cost in Hungary

Dental implant 
(with healing screw)
Prosthetic abutment200€/140£220€/155£
Dental crown
(porcelain on implant)

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Why such a big difference from the UK price ?

The cost of a dental implant in Spain and in Hungary allows you to save up to 50%, gaining access to a quality of treatment, equal to the one of the best dental clinics in the UK.

This significant saving became possible thanks to:

  • a living standard, salaries and social charges that are less important in Spain (especially on Canary Islands) and in Hungary than anywhere in the UK.
  • a superior negotiation margin with our suppliers due to an important quantity of dental implants placed in our dental clinics.

Which guarantees do I have for my dental implants ?

Our partners – dental clinics provide you with a contractual guarantee for dental implants, as well as dental crowns and dental bridges.

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*average exchange rates in August 2015